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6 Legal Marijuana Jobs and How to Get One


The last few years have seen a major shift in the legal marijuana industry. No doubt, widespread marijuana legalization has changed workplace policies and practices, and it will take a few years (or more likely, a few decades) for the industry to really get its legs. Still, the US marijuana industry is already booming, and enthusiastic folks with a variety of professional experiences and backgrounds are wondering how they might jump on in. Here are some jobs to consider, along with some ideas about which candidates are the best fit for these positions. Happy hunting!

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1. Edibles Manufacturer.

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Residents of states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use can tell you about the unbelievable array of edible products available in their markets. From cookies, to candies, to coffee, even gluten-free options … the product lists go on and on. So many companies specialize in edibles, but creating, labeling, and marketing them in a competitive market that’s still trying to work out regulations isn’t easy. But, if you have the know-how, this is a very lucrative aspect of the business to consider.

2. Delivery driver.

One available job in the industry that doesn’t require a lot of prior knowledge or training is the job of courier. One company in Los Angeles, SpeedWeed requires that all of their drivers are legal marijuana patients, that they have a reliable vehicle, a clean driving record, a valid driver’s license, and insurance. Aside from that, a willingness to sit in traffic and a desire to do the job are all you need! However, pay rates, requirements, and job duties vary state to state and by company. So, put some time into researching legal marijuana delivery jobs in your area.

3. Trimmer.

This job doesn’t pay as well as the others in the industry, but there are many positions available in states where marijuana has been legalized for trimmers. These are the folks that get the product ready for sale by trimming leaves away from the plant. The process can be a bit tedious, but considering the availability of the positions and the little training required, this is work that many find desirable.

4. Glassblower.

Glassblowers can manufacture pipes or other products to clients through local merchants, or by running their own shop. This job requires a tremendous amount of skill and artistry, and takes years to master. However, glass blowers are excited that the booming industry has given them so many opportunities to hone their craft, and sell their art.

5. Dispensary Security.

Because state laws don’t align with federal laws and regulations, dispensaries are unable to deposit their money in banks. All the more reason these jobs are springing up everywhere marijuana has been legalized. Companies specializing in training and hiring out these specialized security personnel have even thrown their hats into the industry’s ring. This type of security work does differ from other jobs, but prior experience in the field would certainly be a huge benefit to someone seeking a position.

6. Budtender.

A new word? Yes. (At least, according to some.) A new concept? Not so much…. Budtenders are basically just like bartenders, or baristas, but with marijuana. They work the counter at dispensaries and offer expert advice on cannabis strains, edibles, and other products sold at their shop. You need a great deal of expertise for one of these positions, and excellent communication skills as well.

There are many other jobs in the legal marijuana industry. It’s worth considering all of the options in your area. The easiest way to look for these jobs? You guessed it! There’s an app for that.

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