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Workplace Lulz: Hungry Llamas Are Your Corporate Spirit Animal


The workplace naturally presents us with many situations to poke fun at. From trying to look productive while secretly texting during a work meeting to that magical feeling when you go on your first business trip, most of us have a career anecdote to share. Online, people sometimes share their experiences via meme. Sit back and laugh at these hilarious workplace gifs with some subtle career advice on the side.


(Photo Credit: Scarygami/Flickr)

When everyone in the office finds out there is free food in the kitchen.

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In general, free food is awesome. However, you don’t want to become a “food pusher.” If you’re the one bringing snacks and treats to the office, make sure to be polite and not pushy as others may be watching their waistlines.

When you’re trying to pull off a ridiculous deadline.

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Boss give you a last-minute deadline? We feel for you. But fear not, you have science on your side! If you’re feeling stressed out trying to meet a deadline, sometimes writing down what’s stressing you out can be a good way to deal. Yoga is another great way to combat stress, if you’re into that sort of thing.

When you and your team flawlessly nail a presentation.

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If you haven’t experienced joy like this yet, it might be time to brush up on your presentation skills. Things like building anticipation beforehand, and involving your audience can make for an engaging presentation. Also – practice, practice, practice.

When you realize your work BFF is gone for the day.

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You’re probably wondering, “Who am I going to eat lunch with now?” When your work BFF is gone, it can be a great opportunity for you to reach out and socialize with other co-workers. Being friends with people in other departments can not only enhance your friendship, but it can also make you more productive.
When you’re trying to send a text during an important meeting.

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If at all possible, you should always avoid texting during an important work meeting. Texting during a meeting came make you come off as uninterested, bored, and offensive to those who may be speaking. For times when you can’t avoid it, you can follow a few simple rules of office phone etiquette.

When you get to travel for work for the first time.

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Going on your first business trip? Business trips can be exciting, but you should always ensure that you are representing yourself (and your company) in a professional manner, at all times. This includes everything from packing the right business clothes to making sure you’re being polite on the airplane. If it’s your first time flying for business, read these three rules of electronics etiquette during business travel.

When you and your team have to get through a difficult project.

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Whether you sailed through it, or stumbled through it – team work matters. If you’re team isn’t working like these guys, it might be time to go back to square one. The science of psychology is chock full of theories about motivation which are still relevant in today’s workforce. Motivate your team using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a place to start.

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