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Monday Is the Week’s Most Dangerous Day for Workers


Not many people love Mondays. After a nice weekend away from work, it’s difficult to transition back, and with a long week ahead, Mondays don’t offer a lot to look forward to either. Now, thanks to analysis from FiveThirtyEight, we have another reason Mondays are the worst to add to the list.

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According to the recently released annual report on nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monday is the week’s most dangerous day for workers.

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Since 2007, Monday has been the most injury-prone day of the week in all but two years. In 2013, Mondays saw about 167,000 workplace injuries, with Wednesday coming in second.

One possible explanation for the stat is that workers might work more Mondays over the course of the year than any other day, which would mean that the injury rate isn’t actually any higher on that day, it’s just that more working hours are logged on Mondays than other days, so the instances are naturally more numerous.

However, a great many holidays do fall on Mondays, such as Labor Day for example, and workers are more likely to take Mondays off to extend their weekends. So perhaps the more-workers-on-Mondays-theory has some holes.

Either way you cut it, Mondays are not workers’ favorite days. And now we have yet another justification for that, thanks to this statistic.

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