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Many Americans Would Improve Their Career Before Health or Relationships [Infographic]


A new survey from Huffington Post reveals some surprising results about what makes Americans happy. Namely, nearly one-third of those surveyed would choose to improve their career or finances over their health or their relationships.

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Does this mean that career is more important to many people than health or family? Of course not. It does suggest that an improvement to work life and/or finances would make the biggest difference for many folks in terms of their overall happiness.

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Here are some thoughts on why this might be the case.

People need more money. It would be interesting to know how many people checked this box because of the financial element rather than career. Money problems often have a big impact on families and even health. One-third of people wishing they could improve their financial situation over other elements wouldn’t surprise us as much.

You spend all day at work. Although home is where the heart is, most of our waking hours are actually spent at work. If that day is relatively enjoyable versus not so enjoyable, it makes a tremendous difference in our lives.

People need change. It can be difficult to do the same thing day after day. Professionals like to keep things fresh, and they crave new challenges. It can be difficult and intimidating to change careers, or even jobs. It’s understandable that many would make some alterations if they could do it with the snap of their fingers.

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