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Snow White Hates Her Job; No Word on the Dwarves’ Work-Life Balance


A former Disneyland Snow White recently did an Ask Me Anything feature on Reddit, and some of the facts about her job will make you positively gleeful to sit down in your boring cubicle and churn out TPS reports.

Among the most horrifying information about the job (via Hello Giggles):

– Creepy dads sometimes hit on her, presumably in front of their kids.

– Some of her coworkers wore heavy costumes all day in hot weather — and didn’t care much about personal hygiene. Unpleasant for them and super-unpleasant for their colleagues.

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– The pay isn’t much more than minimum wage, and while the job might look good on a resume if you want to continue to do character performing, it won’t help you much in other fields. The former Snow White, for example, wants to be an English teacher. “I don’t think they’ll care much that I was a princess once upon a time,” she writes.

– The audition process is tough. You have to look the part, meaning that your facial features match the character you want to play. You have to be able to sing and dance, even if singing and dancing aren’t required. And, in the end, you won’t have the job for long — most princesses “age out” at about 27.

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Snow White

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