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3 Tips for Better Business Cards


In the age of LinkedIn and online job application forms, you’re likely to forget about a valuable in-person networking tool: the business card. If you haven’t bothered to update your card in a while — or have a one so unmemorable, you have piles of left-behind cards stacked around your desk — there are a few things you can do to step up your business card game.

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1. Get organized.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

“A well-designed card with key information clearly laid out is much more important than something really creative or flashy in my opinion,” Jaime Petkanics from The Prepary tells Levo League. “I love a super fancy business card as much as the next person. But in reality, the content of your conversation while networking is going to make you stand out more than any business card can!”

This business card, highlighted by Gizmodo, cleverly combines the owner’s email, Twitter handle, and website, using brackets and one line of bold text.

2. Know your audience.

Your finance job won’t love the card we linked to above, and your design job won’t love a card that’s aimed at the banking crowd. Just as you wouldn’t use a creative resume to snag a traditional job, you shouldn’t choose a business card format that will alienate people in your field.

3. Don’t forget space — especially on the back.

Don’t crowd your card with too much information, and leave the back blank — most people won’t look at the back, anyway, and it’ll give you room to write down anything specific that you want a new contact to see, such as a cellphone number or the time of the next networking event.

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