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5 Jobs That Let You Set Your Own Hours

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Jobs with flexible schedules offer some obvious work-life balance benefits. They might allow you to work at home in your jammies, or work part-time and have more of a life outside of work, or they might offer short-term contracts that let you travel the world in your spare time. But one thing most jobs have in common is that someone else sets the hours.

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Not so with FlexJobs’ recent list, 20 Flexible Jobs That Let You Set Your Own Hours. The jobs included have a variety of different flexible options, and come from a range of industries, including healthcare, IT, travel, human resources, and customer service.

One caveat about these jobs: although these particular employers allow workers to make their own hours, not every job with the same title will do so. If you’re applying to a similar job, you’ll want to read the job description carefully to get a sense if that type of flexibility is part of the deal. Also, the precise nature of flexibility will vary. Some of these gigs allow you work at home full-time, while others offer a part-time telecommuting option.

That said, here are a few jobs, recently listed by FlexJobs, that will allow you to set your own hours:

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  1. Telemedicine Physician

Job Description: This telecommuting, freelance job is open to experienced physicians who are board-certified in family medicine, emergency medicine, or internal medicine.

Type of Flexibility: Telecommuting, Freelance

  1. Resume Writer

Job Description: If you’re an excellent writer and communicator, and interested in a long-term freelancing gig, this job might be for you. Successful candidates will be detail-oriented and have solid customer service skills.

Type of Flexibility: Telecommuting, Flexible Schedule, Freelance

  1. Italian-English Interpreter

Job Description: U.K.-based translation role for bilingual interpreters with some college. Professional certification required.

Type of Flexibility: Telecommuting, Flexible Schedule, Freelance

  1. Financial Advisor

Job Description: Financial advisors with two years of experience, sales experience, and a bachelor’s degree can apply for this job, which offers some telecommuting.

Type of Flexibility: Telecommuting (Part-Time)

  1. Account Executive

Job Description: This sales role involves identifying new opportunities, maintaining records of sales, and scheduling client meetings. It also offers a telecommuting option.

Type of Flexibility: Telecommuting Option, Flexible Schedule

See FlexJobs’ list for more jobs.

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