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Cycling Could Replace Golf as the Networking Sport


As networking activities go, golf is at least a healthier choice than happy hours or parties. Unfortunately, it’s also expensive and requires a certain skill level from its participants. Enter cycling, which some experts say could overtake golf as the go-to sport of entrepreneurs and business people who want to bond with colleagues.


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“Unlike golf, cycling is also a great equalizer,” says Andy Clarke, president of the League of American Bicyclists, in an interview with CNNMoney. “You’re the same as the person riding next to you. So it makes people more approachable. “

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Cycling has the added benefit of helping workers get in shape, something that’s on most of our minds over the past couple of years, in the wake of a few thousand articles about the dangers of sitting all day.

Other benefits of biking for networking purposes:

1. It’s cost-effective.

No need to pay green fees or membership costs: once you have a bike and a helmet, you’re ready to go. There are plenty of places to rent bikes and equipment, if workers don’t want to make a commitment right off the bat.

2. It’s time-efficient.

Biking doesn’t necessarily have to take up the whole day. A bike ride can last an hour or a day — it’s up to you. That also makes it a good choice for workers with different fitness levels who want to bike and network.

3. It’s good for you.

Many offices have introduced standing, biking, or treadmill desks as a way to combat the productivity loss and higher health care costs associated with sedentary jobs. Cycling is just the natural extension of that approach.

Can cycling meetings be far behind?

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