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New Aid for Undocumented Students: Which Schools Offer the Best ROI?

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Washington State recently became the fifth state to enact legislation offering financial aid to students who arrived in the country illegally by way of their parents. Now that college is within reach of a new population, finding the right school for the money becomes the next hurdle.

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According to Reuters, lawmakers estimate that 800 to 1,200 students might be eligible for aid under the new law. Qualifying students will need to have attended three years of high school in the state, have earned a high school diploma or equivalent in the state, and their family’s income must be below $57,500 or 70 percent of the state’s median family income.

In order to find the best ROI on colleges within Washington State or other states where this type of aid is available, candidates can use the 2014 Payscale College ROI report. The report ranks U.S. colleges and universities based on total cost and alumni earnings. Users can search by state and type of tuition, with financial aid also serving as a search factor.

Using those parameters, search results for the school with the best ROI in Washington State for students paying public in-state tuition with financial aid, rank the University of Washington highest. Other states where state aid is available to undocumented students include: California, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Texas.

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