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3 Tips for Unemployed Workers Over 50


It’s no secret that if you are over 50 and job searching, you will likely have a more difficult time than your younger counterparts in getting hired. There are a few simple steps you can take, however, that can help boost your chances of landing your next job.

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Although the great recession served as a punch in the head for all ages, when it comes to employment, workers 50 years of age and older seem to have suffered the head-punch the most. If you’re over 50 but under 65 or so, not only were you likely affected by mass layoffs from jobs you’d held for a number of years, you also can’t retire.

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The good news, of course, is that the unemployment rate is falling and employers are becoming more aware of the benefits and advantages in hiring those over 50.  However, with almost 1.6 million workers over the age of 55 still looking for jobs and wanting to work, it’s worth it to take a few extra steps to ensure you are the one who is next in line to be hired.

1. Practice Interviewing

You can practice interviewing with just about anyone, but there’s no one better than an actual hiring manager. For this reason, experts often recommend that you even apply for less-than-ideal jobs, in order to get familiar with the interview process. If it has been years since the last time you were interviewed, you do not want your dream job to be the first interview you participate in. Plus, with “leave-behinds” and take-home assignments now part of the hiring process, you may find that interviewing in the current market is completely different than it was ten years ago.

2. Update Your Resume

Resumes have changed as much as the interview process through the years, so you not only need current information, but you need to updated descriptions and keywords. If you aren’t sure what needs to be added or included in your resume, have an expert take a look at it. You don’t want an outdated resume to keep you from being considered for the position.

3. Focus on Jobs Requiring Experience

The greatest advantage older workers have over the younger generation is experience, which can rarely be obtained in any other way except through living and leg work. Consulting jobs, per-project jobs, or temporary positions rely on staff members who are experienced, and often result in full-time work.

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