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Can a College Degree Help You Weather a Recession? [infographic]


The recession has taken quite a toll on the job market, but workers without college degrees have fared far worse than college grads overall. This infographic from Online Colleges outlines some of the ways in which a college degree can help you weather a recession.

For starters, workers with a bachelor’s degree or better have had more opportunities open up since December 2007. That segment gained some 187,000 jobs during the recession and another 2 million during the recovery. For context, workers with a high school education or less lost 5.6 million jobs during the recession and 230,000 in the recovery.

Those figures are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how the recession specifically affected those without college degrees. Workers with only high school educations held almost four-fifths of the jobs the recession eliminated. Indeed, these workers were over three times as likely to be laid off than employees with at least some college.

Check out more chilling statistics on how education influenced employees’ fate during and after the recession below. Did you experience mirror the majority in the statistics below?

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