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Office Pet Peeves [infographic]


There’s no way around it: the office can be an irritating place. Partly, this is because we’re forced to spend so much time there. Anything you have to do is annoying; anywhere you have to be can feel claustrophobic. But LinkedIn’s data indicates that many of the things that drive us “up a cubicle wall” are choices — as in, we could all stop doing them, if we tried.

office notes 

(Photo Credit: H. Michael Arrighi/Flickr)

Take a look at the top three pet peeves from LinkedIn’s infographic, based on their data:

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1. People not taking ownership for their actions

This one is particularly sad, because by dodging responsibility, these folks are cutting themselves out of an opportunity to be seen as leaders. Try to imagine any strong leader yelling, “NOT IT!” when a problem comes up. It’s a funny mental picture, but it doesn’t exactly build faith in their decisions.

2. Constant complainers

It’s easy to fall into doing this pet peeve. After all, where does venting stop and complaining begin? Partly, the line of demarcation is when you start complaining too much about the office, while you’re still in the office. Save the griping for after work or conversations with friends who aren’t also co-workers.

3. Dirty common areas

As the expression goes, your mother doesn’t work here. (And even if she did, we’d like to think she’d make you clean up your own mess.) Not picking up after yourself at work is a great way to tell your co-workers that you don’t care about how your actions affect them. That’s not the message you want to send, when your professional success and happiness depends on getting along with your team.

For more pet peeves, and how they differ from country to country, check out LinkedIn’s infographic, below:

office pet peeves 

(Infographic Credit: LinkedIn)

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