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Making the Grade: Great Teachers in Our Schools [infographic]


A great teacher can lead a student down a successful path of learning, which in turn can result in a long, happy and successful career trajectory. This Top Teaching Colleges infographic provides insight into this rewarding profession.

While most people today will switch careers throughout their life, when it comes to being a teacher, most are in it for the long haul. An astounding 91 percent of all those who responded said that their desire to work with children weighed heavily in their decision to choose a career in teaching. Seventy-seven percent of them went on to say that this choice was a positive and desirable choice, not something they did as an alternate or due to lack of other options.

So can anyone become a teacher? Certainly you have to have a desire to work with children, but great teachers are made and not born. This means that many are self-taught and willing to put in the time and effort it takes to be successful at their chosen field.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on great teachers in our schools.

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(Photo Credits: Top Teaching Colleges/One Laptop per Child)

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