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Is a Career in Positive Psychology Right for You?


Positive psychology, the study of what makes life worth living, is one of the newest branches of the social sciences. According to positive psychology, we have the ability to create and determine happiness, which is a thing in itself, and not just the absence of depression. Sound empowering? Positive psychology is making its way into corporate environments, which is good news if you’re a worker of any sort, or interested in getting involved in a career using positive psychology in the workplace.

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Rewarding Careers Applying Positive Psychological Science to Improve Quality of Work Life and Organizational Effectiveness offers a detailed discussion of various career paths for positive psychologists in the modern and corporate worlds. The following is a brief overview. If you love psychology and want to improve the business enviroment for workers, one of these may be the perfect career for you.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Human Resources Recruiter

Human resources recruiters are also called “headhunters.” Headhunters must have a clear understanding of the demand of the job and be able to pick out, among hundreds, the perfect person for the position. Some headhunters are paid based upon their ability to find the right fit; in other words, if your choices do not work out, you might go out of business. But if you understand the complicated intricacies of finding the right personality for the job, you might do well as a headhunter.

Executive Coaching

Coaches work directly with executives to hone skills and work toward specific goals. These may include, but are not limited to, public speaking skills, leadership skills, and organizational skills. The professionally trained coach may help the executive figure out how to change the workplace to optimize employee productivity. The coach may also offer advice and support toward the executive’s personal well-being.

Occupational Health Psychologist

Occupational health psychologist is a relatively new field. Problems and health issues facing the American workforce have changed from viral and bacterial epidemics to heart disease and other potentially stress-related concerns. Occupational health psychologists are concerned both with physical safety as well as the emotional and psychological health of people at work. After all, happier people are often more productive people.

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