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Is Email Good or Bad for Us? [infographic]


Email is one of the most utilized sources of communication that exists today. There’s little argument that it’s changed our daily lives and has certainly changed our daily interactions. But has it changed us for the better or for the worse?

Almost everyone uses email. As this Master Degree Online infographic demonstrates, the world population is 7 billion and there are 3.1 billion people who have an email account. Of those 3.1 billion, 94 percent said that the max amount of emails they can receive in any given day before they feel overwhelmed is 50.

In studies where employees were asked to work for five days without email, they reported feeling more productive and self-confident. However, they also reported feeling isolated from their co-workers.

What do you think about our probable addiction to email? Does it keep us connected or just distract our attention from what really connects us?

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