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Walking Dead University: Central Michigan University Offers Course on Zombies


Students often speak about their coursework as if it were of apocalyptic importance, but at one Michigan college, they’re not exaggerating: Central Michigan University is currently enrolling students in a course that blends biblical texts with pop culture. Called “From Revelation to ‘The Walking Dead,'” it’s expected to cover a range of apocalyptic literature, as well as movies like Shaun of the Dead and 28 Days Later.

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“Studying ancient biblical texts isn’t most people’s cup of tea,” CMU senior Kevin White tells The Associated Press, via Yahoo. “But, when you add zombies, it instantly becomes everyone’s cup of tea.”

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The course will be led by Kelly Murphy, a member of the philosophy and religion faculty.

“Thinking about the end and imagining life in a different way is something that humans have always done,” Murphy says.

And thinking about the end times is one reason students might sign up for the course: at least one commenter on Yahoo posited that the course would make a more-interesting-than-most elective class for students who are done with their majors and need more credits to graduate:

“Honestly, this sounds like a pretty decent throwaway elective for credit. In my last semester of college, I only needed one real course for my major, but needed nine credits to graduate (the major course was 3). I wound up taking a film course I mostly slept through (got an A despite watching only one of the dozen or so films) and some drama class that I only took because of a really attractive girl I was trying to move further along with telling me I should sign up.”

So if you’re bored to death with STEM classes and business writing, you can reanimate in “From Revelation to ‘The Walking Dead.'”

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