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Khan Academy Launches New College Prep Program


The day you find out that you’ve been accepted to the college of your choice is quite possibly one of the best days in your life. However, when that doesn’t happen, it can seem as though your future hangs in the balance. Khan Academy has introduced a new college prep program that aims to help high school students turn their collegiate dreams into reality.

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Khan Academy offers education online for free to anyone anywhere in the world. The site’s online courses allow students to learn at their own pace and through visual tutorials (videos) that break down the material into smaller, more understandable chunks. For instance, in the SAT Math prep course students can walk through every single problem listed in the “Official SAT Study Guide” that provides video tutorials, practice exams, and tips to navigate through each problem. Learning is less intimidating, more convenient, and easier to comprehend through Khan Academy’s proven online classes, which makes it a perfect platform to better prepare high school students for a more successful college career ahead.

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Bank of America recently teamed up with Khan Academy to help educate the general public on financial literacy, or how to properly manage money in order to not to get buried in debt. Most recently, the White House called upon Khan Academy to be a part of its Expanding College Opportunity initiative to prime high school students for higher education, specifically by providing “college study aids to help students prepare for math placement tests and courses.” Just how dire is the state of education in America? According to Khan Academy’s blog, it’s pretty bad. “Two out of every three students are not prepared for college level math courses and over half of all 4-year college students do not graduate within 6 years.”

To make matters worse, The Choice’s 2013 College Acceptance Rates study show that “application pools are growing larger” and collegiate institutes are becoming increasingly more refined in their selection of applicants, with many well-accredited high school seniors dumbfounded after they receive declination letters from their top college choices. The study found that “the University of Southern California received more than 47,000 applicants” in 2013, which is 10,000 more than just two years prior. Ivy League schools seem to be more selective than ever, too, with acceptance rates teetering between 5.75 percent (Harvard) to 15.15 percent (Cornell).

Additionally, the New York Times reports, “More than 70 percent of Americans matriculate at a four-year college — the seventh-highest rate among 23 developed nations,” and “less than two-thirds end up graduating,” according to data compiled from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (O.E.C.D.). The need for high school students to be better primed for college is greater than ever before, so hopefully Khan Academy’s efforts will help improve the ominous state of education in America.

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