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7 Ways to Impress a Younger Boss


The workforce has become so diverse that it is no surprise when younger workers take on leadership roles. However, for the employees that happen to be older than said leader, it may take time to transition. Aaron McDaniel, author of “The Young Professional’s Guide to Managing,” offers a few tips on how employees can impress their younger bosses.

  1. Give them a chance. Don’t go into the situation with any preconceived notions. A young person might make for a great boss.
  2. Don’t parent them. You aren’t your boss’ mom, dad or older sibling, so don’t act like you are. Doing this will only make them come down harder on you.
  3. Feed off their enthusiasm. Young managers often have a lot of energy, so use this energy to embrace any changes the young boss brings and to help you think outside of the box.
  4. Earn their trust. Don’t offer your advice to your younger boss until you have done so. If you see something wrong in their approach, address it only after you have already shown loyalty to their ideas.
  5. Follow and lead. Follow the lead of your boss, but also take on the role of leader yourself. You can use this as a tactic to support your team alongside your boss, filling the gap in experience that your younger boss may lack.
  6. Use technology. A younger boss will most likely be much more tech-savvy than you are and will be using a myriad of digital tools. Learn these tools and use them to communicate with your boss.
  7. Speak up. The experience you have can be a great tool for your younger boss, who is likely lacking in that department. Don’t be afraid to speak up, but keep in mind that you are talking to your boss, so do so with grace.

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