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How to Deal With the Sunday Night Blues


Don’t believe Garfield the cat. If you’re less than thrilled about what you’re doing for a living, the worst day of the week isn’t Monday — it’s the day before. Specifically, the Sunday evening is the worst, because it’s primetime for worrying about what comes tomorrow.

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The problem with giving over to the tendency to drive yourself nuts on Sunday night is that it’s a giant waste of time. If you spend a few hours, once a week, every week fretting about Monday morning, you’re wasting whole days, weeks, and months of your life.

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Of course, it’s easier to say “don’t waste your time” than it is to stop wasting it. Here, then, are a few ways you can constructively deal with the Sunday night blues:

1. Try to take a real weekend.

The best possible thing you can do for your productivity and happiness — both at home and at work — is to make sure you get a real rest now and then. Especially in these days of mobile devices and 24/7 email access, it’s easy to never be totally off work. Resist the temptation, and give yourself a break.

If you find it hard to unplug, make plans to do something fun on Sunday. It’s a great time to see a movie or do some shopping that’s more fun than the usual weekend grocery trip — whatever you have to do to keep from falling into an abyss of Sunday worries.

2. Think about what’s really bothering you.

If you’re always in a panic on Sunday night, it might be time to think seriously about why: are you bored with your work, stuck with a bad boss, or ready for a new job? This isn’t to say that every case of the Sunday night blues requires a job change, but it’s a good idea to figure out why you’re less-than-thrilled about the prospect of returning to work on Monday.

3. Get your resume in order.

Even if you love your job, you should have an up-to-date resume at all times. And if you can’t disengage from work for the whole weekend, you might as well be doing something constructive toward getting you your next dream gig.

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