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Protect Your Online Identity With Persona


If you’re a job seeker, then you’re going to want to give this your undivided attention. Learn how a social tool called Persona promises to help you monitor your social media content so that you don’t inadvertently cost yourself a future dream job because of a careless post.

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Currently in beta, Persona works to help you “clean up and elevate your online reputation by scanning and deleting compromising posts, images, comments, and tags from major social media networks.” Users input their individual credentials for each social platform they want monitored, then Persona scans each from the time the profile was established, and then provides a list of any content shared “relating to profanity, drugs/alcohol, adult content, bias, and violence,” according to the site. The reputation management tool continuously scans, flags, and deletes potentially damaging posts from your profiles so that you don’t have to worry about embarrassing content ruining your chances at a promising career.

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According to a recent survey, in 2013, 94 percent of recruiters indicated that they use or plan to begin using social media in their recruiting efforts. LinkedIn is the top social recruiting tool (94 percent) on the market today, but Facebook and Twitter aren’t too far behind in the running, with 65 percent and 55 percent of hiring managers verifying candidates on these networks, respectively.

As a candidate, you want to ensure that your online reputation is squeaky clean, because one little slip-up on social media can and will cause a hiring manager to toss your resume in the trash. Likewise for professionals who are currently employed, you want to ensure that you’re not being careless with your shared content because you’re not immune from potentially sabotaging your career simply because you’re employed. There have been many (too many) instances where employees take their freedom of speech a bit too far, and they end up costing themselves their jobs and reputations.

In order to make the process of managing your online reputation a bit easier, Persona automatically scans your profiles and alerts you when a post poses a potential threat – like a personal public relations manager to help you maintain a gleaming persona morning, noon, and night.

Try out Persona for free (for a limited time) and see what embarrassing things you can dig up from your not-so-mindful past. Watch Persona’s video below.

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