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3 Jobs That Won’t Exist in 20 Years


Are you ready for a world without telemarketers? According to CNN, we might soon be living there. And while this is good news for anyone who's ever wondered how a cruise ship company got their cell phone number, it's bad news, of course, for the folks who work in these jobs.

Other jobs that are on the decline include:

1. Door-to-Door Sales

"This type of sales is no longer efficient and has been replaced with internet and television advertising," writes Alan Townsend for CNN. Door-to-door sales are expected to decline 15 percent by 2018.

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2. Manufacturing Assembly Jobs

The bad news is that these jobs, which require little training and education beyond high school, are fading fast. The good news is that higher skilled management and professional jobs are actually expected to increase significantly by 2020.

3. Data Entry Clerks

Most professionals now do their own data entry work, thanks to the internet and improvements in work processing software. In the U.S., data entry clerks are predicted to lose 15,900 jobs by 2020, while typists are expected to lose 13,200.

Another job on the wane is postal worker. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 30 percent decline by 2018, thanks to email and automated mail sorting.

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