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Super Mario-Style Resume Is the Best Resume Ever

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Designer Robby Leonardi’s talent is too huge to be expressed in anything other than 8-bit graphics. His interactive resume looks more like a Super Mario-style game than the standard CV, and it’s getting a lot of attention from retro game lovers on the internet.

8bit cv (Screenshot via The Next Web)

To view Leonardi’s qualifications, viewers scroll down, causing cartoon Robby to trot through a colorful Nintendo-inspired world full of cartoon renderings of his qualifications. Carnivorous flowers growing to different heights represent bars on a graph of his skill levels, assuring readers — perhaps unnecessarily — that Leonardi is an expert at illustration and design.

Other sections list his interests and location with animations of an NBA game and New York City, before bringing viewers to an in-depth depiction of his skills, experience, awards, and publications. At the end, readers are invited to send him a message.

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We’ve talked about the potential benefits of creative resumes before, but this one goes far beyond the usual infographic or video CV. Of course, it’s important to note that Leonardi’s 8-bit resume, while a perfect fit for the kinds of design jobs he’d be interested in, would be less ideal, say, for that financial services gig.

Not that it matters in his case. Ben Woods at The Next Web points out that Leonardi is currently employed, full-time, at Fox News.

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