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Want to Be Successful? Then Don’t Worry, Be Happy [infographic]


It’s no coincidence that happy people have amazing lives, and, as studies show, they also have more successful careers. We’ll take a look at the infographic below to see how working happier (not harder) leads to a more fruitful career.

job satisfaction happiness career success don't worry be happy

(Photo Credit: chucknado/Flickr)

Positive people seem to have it all – great relationships, great careers, and great lives. But why? As Noomii’s infographic illustrates below, the key to success isn’t about working your fingers to the bone, it’s about being a happy and positive person before you step into the interview. 

Do You Know What You're Worth?

American employees spend more of their time working than doing any other activity during the day (even sleeping), but, as the infographic points out, “nearly 2 out of 3 workers surveyed […] say they’re not happy at work.” Take a closer look at the infographic to see how being a positive person can lead to career success.

happiness and career success

(Infographic Credit: Happiness/

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