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What’s Trending on Twitter? – Interviewing, Health Datapalooza, and Lululemon

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In this week’s Twitter trending recap, we will discover a new method candidates can use during interviews to land their dream jobs, check in to one of the biggest health and medical conventions to see how one woman entrepreneur is paving a new path for other females in her industry, and discuss how Lululemon’s pants recall cost them mega-millions and left them feeling a bit … exposed. Find out how these three trending topics touch on issues that can help improve your everyday work experience.


It seemed a bit generic to see “#interview” trending on Twitter, but what I discovered was a bit unexpected and, actually, quite intriguing. You know that awesome adrenaline rush you get after you’ve completely nailed an interview and feel on top of the world? The chemistry between you and the interviewer is there, you provide the perfect dose of humor, and each answer you provide seems to be perfectly orchestrated? Yes, THAT feeling! The article that I came across on one tweet, “How to Use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),” discusses how NLP, a “series of methods or strategies to communicate with yourself and other parties to achieve certain objectives,” can help candidates land their dream jobs by using a few simple cognitive tools. According to the article, if you can “control the atmosphere and the chemistry of the whole interview session,” then you will have an advantage over the other applicants. So, how exactly does one effectively dominate the conversation? Let’s find out.

NLP categorizes people into three groups:

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Visual – People who need to “see” it to believe it.

Auditory – People who need to “hear” it from the horse’s mouth.

Kinesthetic – People who are “feeler” or are more emotion-driven.

If you can identify which category the interviewer falls under, then you stand a greater chance in impressing him/her by being able to react accordingly. The article goes into further detail about how to categorize others and also gives examples of each of the three groups. In short, knowing your audience helps you better adjust to the situation at hand so that you can be your “best self” during the interview and, hopefully, land the job!


The fourth annual national Health Datapalooza conference was created from government efforts to liberate health data, and it “features the newest and most innovative and effective uses of health data by companies, startups, academics, government agencies, and individuals.” This convention brings together people from every aspect of the health and medical arena to share and learn cutting-edge developments in the industry.

Halle Tecco, co-founder of Rock Health, which is the first seed accelerator for digital health start-ups, was interviewed about being a successful female entrepreneur in the male-dominated industry, and said, “[O]ne of our goals is to showcase some of the women who have made it so they can inspire other women, because if you don’t see people that look like you at the top how can you ever internalize that you can get there? It’s important to make sure that women who are more junior in their career but are emerging leaders have access to these women who have made it.”

Tecco’s advice emphasizes the importance of empowering women in their careers, regardless if they are rookies or season veterans, such as Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg, Meg Whitman, and the like. So, if you are looking to start up a career or business in the health and medical field, then you may want to consider for resources, networking, and potential investors.

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Lululemon suffered an embarrassing yoga pants recall that cost the company millions of dollars after customers discovered that they spent $80+ on pants that showed their bikram goodies.

The unfortunate event could cost the company an estimated $40 million and put a dent in their reputation with customers, because this isn’t the first time Lululemon has been in the recall-spotlight recently. According to Business Week, some of the more recent incidents involved recalls on false advertising on their Vitasea clothing line that was supposed to release “marine amino acids, minerals, and vitamins into the skin,” reusable shopping bags that contained lead, swimwear that became see-through when wet, and clothing that “bled” colors when saturated in sweat or in the washer.

After the most recent sheer pants incident, it has been reported that the Chief Product Officer, Sheree Waterson, will be leave Lululemon after being with the company since 2008. Bad business decisions reflect poorly on the company and its key executives, which is why it’s important for professionals to work for companies that are in line with their individual ethics and standards. If employees do not believe in the company’s principles, then it will be very difficult for them to carry out the company’s vision. Lastly, if you should still feel the urge to acquire a pair of Lululemon yoga pants, then be sure to try out a downward dog position in the dressing room mirror before making your purchasing decision.

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