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Your Barista Is Also Your Underemployed Psychologist


The bad news is that psychology majors are on PayScale’s top ten list of underemployed college graduates. The good news is that if you qualify for membership in Psi Chi you may avoid counseling customers while you brew their grande lattes.

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Psi Chi

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Psi Chi is the international psychology honor society. Requirements for membership include maintaining a high GPA in psychology and other courses. Once a student is inducted into Psi Chi, membership is for life.

Undergraduate students in psychology are well-advised to join as soon as they are eligible and take advantage of the perks and benefits of membership. Psi Chi advisers on campus work with students to determine their career plans and whether or not they need a graduate degree. Membership in Psi Chi helps prepare undergraduates in psychology for their futures.

Graduate School

In most of the 50 states, a Ph.D. is required to become a licensed, practicing psychologist. Psi Chi advisers mentor students so they know which classes they need to take to prepare themselves for the most appropriate graduate program for their area of interest.


Psi Chi members have the opportunity to get to know their psychology professors, and to work closely with them to determine what area of psychology interests them the most. This relationship gives Psi Chi members a much better chance of success after graduation.


As an organization, Psi Chi plans monthly philanthropies in different communities. For example, the organization has been accepting donations to the WARM Place, a grief support center for children in Fort Worth.

Psych Week is an annual event put on by Psi Chi every spring that promotes mental health awareness.

Psi Chi membership creates a sense of community among students with common interests and goals.

And with all of these benefits, psychology graduates may avoid learning how to froth milk.

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