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Jobs of the Future [infographic]


With science and technology making advances every day, the world will soon require an entirely new set of jobs with unique skill sets for which only a few can qualify. The infographic below from Degree Query takes a look at jobs of the future and outlines why each will be necessary.

Genetic counselors and child designers will soon be part of everyday life, thanks to genetic testing and screening for diseases in unborn children. Disorders like sickle cell, Down syndrome and cystic fibrosis can be found before babies are even born. In the future, doctors and geneticists will have the ability to cure such diseases while the baby is still in the mother’s womb.

The world will soon need more robotics technicians as robots become a greater part of everyday life. There are robots used to help in medical situations, in rescue missions, and even to help keep you awake while driving. There are even robots that help around the house with day-to-day chores. As these machines become more accessible, more technicians will be needed to design and build the handy tools.

Vertical farms will grow in popularity in the next few years, especially since the majority of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. With an expected vast increase in population, there will simply not be enough land to produce enough food to feed everyone. Vertical farms will be the answer to the world food problem, as they are essentially buildings of crops that stand tall like skyscrapers.

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