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Get to Work on Time: 3 Alarm Clock iPhone Apps


Many of us are not, shall we say, morning people. This is unfortunate, as most of us have bosses who are unsympathetic to our desire to sleep in. In the bad old days, we’d combat this problem with multiple alarm clocks, but now, there’s an app for just about everything — including getting to work on time.

Here are just a few apps to try:

1. Wake N Shake: One of Lifehacker’s “most sadistic apps that force you to get stuff done,” Wake N Shake makes you shake your phone to shut off the alarm. The newest version is lighter (50 percent fewer megabytes) and prettier (check out that gorgeous night sky when it’s left idle) but just as evil as before (@#$%!). It’s also free for a limited time.

2. Shredder Alarm Clock: Time is literally money with this app. For $0.99, you get the app and 75 free “snooze minutes.” After that, you have to pay for “snooze packs” that can cost as much as $9.99.

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3. Freaky Alarm: What’s worse that having to get up in the morning? Doing math problems before you even get a chance to wipe the sleepies out of your eyes, while an alarm blares at you. This alarm clock is probably banned under the Geneva Conventions, but it’ll get you to work on time. $1.99 on iTunes.

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