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3 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Inbox


Is your inbox a giant pit of endless messages that you just can’t keep up with? If so, you need to keep reading. Your email inbox can become organized and unmanageable in a matter of days, and before you realize it, there are important unread messages that have gone completely unnoticed. If you need help taking back control of your inbox, check out the three tips below.

1. Unsubscribe from junk emails. First thing’s first — get rid of all the many subscriptions you never actually read. They are simply taking up wasted space in your inbox and aid in burying your more important emails.

2. Empty your inbox. Now it’s time to actually sort through all the emails in your inbox. Delete the junk and start responding to the more important messages. Keep going until you have no unread messages left. You’ll feel pretty proud of yourself when your have zero emails left.

3. Set up filters. You can create filters in your inbox for certain key terms, for emails from certain addresses, and for just about anything you desire. This will help you prioritize all incoming email, including work and personal.

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