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Are you Underpaid? Here’s How You Can Find Out


Are you underpaid? Finding out how much you should be earning isn’t an easy task, but these three strategies will help get you closer.

Knowing what you are worth and how much people in your job position should be paid is not a question easily answered. Numbers vary, and it’s not exactly recommended that you ask your coworkers how much money they make. But there are other ways to find out if you are underpaid. Follow the four tips below if you suspect you aren’t making what you should be.

  1. Take the PayScale Survey: Your PayScale Salary Report will give you a personalized snapshot of how your pay compares to the market. Taking the survey only takes a few minutes and will arm you with all the facts you need to begin the conversation about your salary with your manager.
  2. Get in Touch with a Recruiter: Find a recruiter that specializes in your field. They spend countless hours looking at resumes, portfolios, and making sure employees and employers are happy with each other. Their extensive knowledge can serve as a great resource for you, even if you are happy with the job you have. Ask said recruiters about a few of the recent positions they filled, asking specifically about the candidate qualifications, the terms of the contract and if any other factors contributed to the hire.
  3. Talk to Your Predecessor: Talking to the person you replaced can get pretty awkward, and sometimes you’ll find they don’t want to answer any of your questions. However, sometimes they are more than willing to help you out by talking about their own experiences. While most people probably won’t tell you exactly how much they made, you can ask if they were happy with the compensation they received.
  4. Evaluate Your Own Performance: Perhaps the reason why you are underpaid is simply because you haven’t been producing great work. Take a step back and evaluate your own performance at work — perhaps you didn’t get that last raise because you simply didn’t deserve one. It’s easy to get into a routine of producing subpar work — if this is true for you it might be best to ask yourself why. Did you get lazy? Are you no longer inspired by the work? Are you unhappy with your job? If the last is true, it might be time to start getting your resume out there again.

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