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Social Tools at Work: Distraction or Productivity Booster?


While some companies hold tight to a paranoid, old-school view of employees as individuals who need to be “wrangled in” and have their free time monitored, many companies are opening their eyes to the benefits of giving employees some breathing room.

Men say that their productivity has greatly or somewhat increased because of the use of social media tools, while 44 percent of women agree, according to There’s also a breakdown by age, with 53 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds reporting the benefits and only 41 percent of those 45 and over doing the same.

Thirty-seven percent of workers believe they could do a better job if their boss or respective companies would be more supportive of their use of social media. Perhaps most surprising is that 68 percent of survey responders said that they use social media to interact with colleagues. Talk about a great way to boost morale!

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