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Hotel Hires World’s Cutest Concierge, Delights Coworkers

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The Internet is abuzz after
news broke
that a Hyatt Hotel has hired an adorable, one-eyed rescue dog as it’s newest concierge. The concierge, appropriately named Parker, is now adding to the guest experience at Chicago’s Park Hyatt Hotel. Here’s the skinny on this lovable 5-year-old pooch & how she came to be the Park Hyatt’s newest and furriest employee.


(Photo Credit: Memphis CVB/Flickr)

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Parker the pug was rescued by the hotel’s general manager Walter Brindell from PAWS Chicago, an animal welfare and rescue organization in Chicago. When asked about the motivation behind this unique choice in a new-hire, Brindell’s answer was pretty straight-forward.

“For the staff, the associates, without question, it has put a smile on their faces and it brings an element to the hotel environment that was not there before,” Brindell told the Chicago Tribune.

But before coming to the Park Hyatt, Parker was in Tennessee where she was in pretty rough shape, a PAWS spokeswoman told the Chicago Tribune. Today, Parker still needs daily medication, but her new colleagues are more than happy to help.


The best part about having a dog as your official hotel concierge? Parker adds to the over all guest experience at the hotel, and not just for customers. Parker’s co-workers are also big fans of hers and have even taken to Instagram to show their support and love for their new favorite employee.

If you were curious what Parker’s job duties look like as hotel concierge, Hyatt has reported that she enjoys a luxurious life of sleeping behind the front desk and bringing joy to visitors and colleagues alike. She even has her own hashtag, #parkerthepug. Although concierges typically earn around $12/hour, we can assume Parker accepts treats instead of cash.

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