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Online Degrees: For Baby Boomers, They Could Be Essential


The job market is tough. Real tough. Darn tough. Only the most skilled, educated and savvy shall thrive. And, if you’re older than 45, your age can work for or against you. Offering exceptional skills based upon years of experience is a plus. Being closer to your retirement age without more skills to offer than your younger counterparts, isn’t.

When baby boomers, those folks born between 1946 and 1964, look for employment in this down economy, they may need to work harder to prove themselves than ever before. As a result, many are considering going back to school, especially online. Online courses can fit into a schedule filled with work, family and other responsibilities – like grandkids and aging parents.

Furthering your education with an online degree not only improves your skill set, it also shows that you care about staying engaged and successful in your career. This drive will be attractive to possible employers. 

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Does More Education Pay Off?

Beyond just helping you get the gig, more education can lead to more pay. I took a look into PayScale’s salary database to see what the difference is between pay for people with over 20 years of experience who have either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree. See below.

Job Position Degree Median Annual Salary
Nurse Bachelor’s $65,104
  Master’s $74,516
Regional Sales Manager Bachelor’s $107,008
  M.B.A. $117,510
Mental Health Counselor Bachelor’s $48,112
  Master’s $50,403
High School Teacher Bachelor’s $59,950
  Master’s $63,100

An Online Education Could Be the Ticket

Deciding whether or not to pursue an online degree will require some review of your lifestyle and the potential advantages it might bring you. If you’re very close to your retirement age and not looking to continue your career much longer, further education may not be worth the time and money. And, you may find out, based upon info found here on PayScale, that the cost of education might not be made up quickly enough by your increased salary.

Check out this list of online Master’s degrees and see if any strike your fancy. Learning is a positive choice, no matter what your motive is.

Online Master’s Degrees:



Criminal Justice

Education Administration



Hotel and Hospitality Management

Human Resources

Information Technology


Public Health

Software Engineering

Technology Management

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