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100 Powerful Resume Words


When it comes to resumes, a word is worth a thousand pictures. That’s because, unless you’re in a business that prizes headshots over experience, you’re trying to snag a hiring manager’s attention using only a few well-turned phrases.

Careerlism has a list of 100 words that will get the attention of HR professionals and resume sorting software alike. Note that the cliched terms “team player,” “problem solver,” and “self-motivated” don’t appear anywhere on it.

Here are ten of the power words you might not think of when you’re buffing up your CV — but definitely should:

1. Attracted

Do You Know What You're Worth?

2. Bargained

3. Closed

4. Delegated

5. Forecasted

6. Multiplied

7. Promoted

8. Quantified

9. Simplified

10. Worldwide

The full list is worth a peek, but the most important thing to remember is that you’re trying to avoid expressions that are so overused as to be meaningless (see above, re: “team player”) while making yourself look decisive and in command — or, as this list would have it, like a person who teaches, trains, unifies, quantifies, and uncovers, worldwide.

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