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9 Tips for Applying for Jobs Online


How did you find your last job? Chances are you applied for your current position online rather than by sending your resume by fax. In today's tech world, many job applications and initial screenings are done online. So, how can you give yourself the best shot at an interview?

Colin Day, founder and chief executive officer of iCIMS, Inc., a provider of talent acquisition software for growing businesses, has nine tips for job seekers looking to set themselves apart from the competition. The full list is extremely helpful. Here are our favorites: 

  • Read job descriptions completely. Recruiters dislike hearing from candidates who are unqualified for the jobs to which they've applied. Only apply for the job if you can actually do the job. 
  • Identify key words and tailor your resume. If you want to catch the eye of the person who reads your resume, be sure to highlight skills you know they are looking for. Also, customize your resume and cover letter to each job you apply to. 
  • Clean up your online appearance. You want to be sure you are presenting a professional front to every company at all times. Want tips for out to do this? Check out this article
  • Review all information before submitting your application. We cannot stress this enough. You must proofread carefully, make sure you've answered all required questions, and pay attention to every last detail. Failing to do so can make you seem unorganized or irresponsible — exactly what you don't want when you are looking for a job. 

Read the entire list and give yourself the best chance at finding a new job by applying online. 

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