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6 Fun Jobs You’ll Wish Were Yours

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Do you jump out of bed in the morning, smiling and eager to face another day at the office? If not, you’re far from alone. As the saying goes, they call it work for a reason. That said, some jobs are less work-y than others. If you had one of these fun jobs, you might find yourself racing to work every morning.

Next time you’re down in the dumps, or just looking for a fun job to apply for, check out some of these!

1. Panda Nanny

Pandas are held in such high regard in their native China that a whole team of feeders, cleaners, doctors and yes, “panda nannies” are enlisted to keep them healthy and happy. Keep in mind, there is often panda poop involved, so “happy” might be relative to your current task at hand, so to speak. It doesn’t pay great, and is super hard to land, but if you could manage it … pandas!

2. Food Taster

Getting paid to eat? Let’s not all apply at once! Food taster jobs range from working for food manufacturers and laboratories and can be temporary and occasional, mostly. The Penny Hoarder has some tips on where to find food taster jobs, and how to apply for them.

3. Crossword Puzzle Writer

You love doing the crossword puzzle every day, but did you know that someone actually writes those? It’s listed on each puzzle if you look closely. Authors range from the famous, like Will Shorts, to Joes and Janes like you and me! has tips on how to break into crossword puzzle writing, but know that you probably have to have a pretty good grasp of the eccentricities of the English language to be good at it.

4. Pet Photographer

We all have a zillion photos on our phones of our lovable pooches, but did you know you could get paid to take pictures of pets? Outside Magazine did a great profile on photographer Sagar Gondalia to give you an idea of what the day-to-day is like. Pet photographers range from Instagram sensations like The Dogist, who’s translated his addictive account into a book, to studio or family photographers who can wrangle your favorite pet into a work of art.

5. Video Game Writer

You might have heard of jobs where you play video games, but did you know that someone actually writes the long scripts that constitute the plot behind those games? Pixelberry Studios is looking for someone with experience writing scripts or other video games to fill a full-time role. Gamers who’d love to get involved should have experience playing the studio’s particular games, and be a game-lover in general, of course.

6. Body Painter

More than just a Halloween gig, body painters get hired for fashion photography shoots, wild parties and theatrical events. Visual artists with a flare for turning the human form into something magical can get into this line of work. As you might think, New York, Las Vegas and L.A. are great places to get started here, but your work can appear all over the world. There’s even a World Bodypainting Festival every year!

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