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How Work Transportation Alternatives Improve Your Health [infographic]


How friendly is your city to alternative forms of transportation like biking and public transit? This infographic by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation outlines some of the many health benefits that stem from transit-oriented communities.

Research indicates that we’re far more likely to walk to work, church or school if we live a mile or less away: 46 percent of respondents say that they would walk a mile to school or church, while 35 percent said they’d walk the same distance to work. When the distance grows to three to four miles, however, just 1 percent said that they’d still walk.

Globally, there’s a correlation between lower obesity rates and a higher percentage of the workforce that walks or bikes to work. Countries with a populace that tends to commute more, like the United States, tend to have higher rates of obesity. And here’s another not-so-fun fact: your risk of obesity rises 6 percent for every additional hour you spend in a car.

Check out more revelations from the infographic below.

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