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3 Ways to Be a Fairy Job Mother for a Friend


In These Tough Economic Times (tm everyone), there’s no nicer gift to give than the gift of employment. Which is to say that if you have the means to help one of your pals get a job, you absolutely should.

Redbook has some great tips on how to act as a fairy job mother for a friend. Here are three things to keep in mind:

1. You’re essentially setting up a blind date. Redbook quotes career coach Lois Frankel, who recommends you bcc your friend on the intro email and let her take over from there. “It’s better for her to wow the employer with her interest and initiative,” Frankel says.

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2. Don’t just pass on the resume — make a recommendation. Be specific about how well you know the applicant, but don’t feel like you have to attest to qualities you haven’t seen in person. Better to say that you don’t know about her specific skills, but have seen evidence of her motivation and dedication than to get yourself in a bind for trying to do a good deed.

3. Don’t be shy. If your friend really is the perfect person for the job, make sure the hiring manager knows you feel that way. Don’t be afraid to be enthusiastic.

Finally, there’s another reason to be a fairy job mother: You could win a pile of cash, a new hairdo, and a trip to NYC. Redbook is running a sweepstakes right now [ed: contest is over] for folks who’ve helped friends find a job.

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