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Social Media Job Titles That Need to Exist


One of the best parts about living in the future is that there are jobs that didn’t even exist when we were kids. For instance, anything having to do with social media was totally unthinkable when Gen X-ers and older Gen Ys were sitting down with their career counselors to choose a life direction.

With these new gigs come an impressive array of job titles — and some missed opportunities. Independent Fashion Bloggers came up with 21 titles that should exist for professional social media types. Here are a few of our favorites. (Full list here.)

1. VP – Vice Pinner

Do You Know What You're Worth?

2. Curatorial Chief of Hashtags

3. Cat Meme Strategist

4. Tweeter-in-Chief

5. Head of Tumbling and Reblogging

6. Professional Giffer (Potentially a real thing, you guys!)

7. Communicative Director of Follows and Unfollows

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