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5 Fall Job Search Tips


As the summer comes to a close, it’s time to reenergize your job-hunting efforts. These fall job search tips from Business Insider will help narrow your focus on the factors that will help you land your next gig.

  1. Highlight your strengths. What are your top three skills? Review your resume with these skills in mind. How well does each listed position highlight your most marketable proficiencies?
  2. Tweak your resume. Remove outdated jobs that don’t apply to your current professional interests. Instead, focus on your current professional experience. If applicable, add other relevant activities that helped hone your skills, such as math tutoring for high school students or leading a management seminar.
  3. Network. Become more active in your community. Volunteer for local organizations and nonprofits, participate in Twitter chats and LinkedIn groups, and expand your social graph with professionals in your area.
  4. Identify target companies. As you look for jobs, CareerLeaf CEO Amit De recommends that you rank-order the positions you qualify for and invest the majority of your time and energy on the top three choices.
  5. Stay positive. De stresses that maintaining a positive attitude is key to a successful job search. Stave off feelings of discouragement by staying busy and reminding yourself of your skills, strengths and accomplishments.

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