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Is Your Star Employee Looking for a New Job? [infographic]


This Mindflash infographic explores seven signs that your star employee might be looking for a new job. Changes in his or her dress, a productivity drop and unusual requests for time off are just some of these signs.

If an employee starts to wear nicer clothes into the office, he may have been going to interviews with other companies, Mindflash suggests. Also take note of workers’ attendance and punctuality: tardiness and increased sick days could signal disengagement or, worse, an attempt to use up sick days and paid leave. Personality changes might also signal that an employee is looking to leave his job. Such changes include increased isolation, changes in work ethic or productivity, and decreased interaction with other employees.

Other factors that cause star employees to quit? Major life changes. The birth of a child, marriage or divorce, a death in the family and illness are just some of these events. Check out the full infographic below to learn more about the aforementioned signs and how employee turnover costs companies.

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