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Tech Crush: Quick and Easy Ways to More Skillz


Don’t let’s frilly font and girly good looks deceive you. Sure, the new startup enables women in tech with its, “Mastering technology doesn’t take super powers" tagline, but there’s still plenty of room for guys to learn, too.

The site features easy tutorials that teach you how to do all sorts of web essentials like build a blog, learn CSS and more. There are also printout cheat cheats on handy tech terms like blog laws and password hashing.

Have a question like “Should I learn PHP or Ruby?” or “I want to code! Where do I start?” They’ve got that covered, too, with technical advice from “Ask Ada.”

Other features include articles, active comment boards, a daily newsletter and cocktail party facts – Did you know a developer named Adrian Holovaty is credited for writing the Data Journalism manifesto?

Do You Know What You're Worth?

You know that tech skills are a must have to stay competitive in the high-tech worker’s market. helps you step up your know-how in a clever, community-driven platform while you giving you tech tools to take on the professional world. Useful? Yes. Crush-worthy? You decide.

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