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The Best Resignation Letter Ever Is a Song Set to “American Pie”


If you're like most of us, you can't even remember a single line of any resignation letter you've ever written. They're usually pretty formal, standardized affairs, designed to give as little information as possible, while still letting people know that you won't be here after, say, next Thursday.

And then there's this engineer, formerly of Microsoft, who wrote her letter in the form of a song, "Bye, Bye, Excel and I," set to the tune of "American Pie," and including lyrics like, "With devs in the hall drinking whiskey and rye, singing, 'Forever recalc or die,'" which would make an amazing t-shirt.

Reactions on the former employee's YouTube page were mixed. One commenter said, "'devs in the hall drinkin' whiskey and rye actually explains all the MS products I've ever used." Another wished they could offer the singer a job.

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Of course, most career experts wouldn't advise you to break into song the next time you want to switch jobs. But we suppose it beats either acting as a mole for Gawker or pulling the emergency slide and helping yourself to a few beers on the way out.

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