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More Money from Your Education? Research Jobs by Degree


Did you get an AA, a BA, a Master’s or a Ph.D.? No matter what your degree, it ought to help boost your salary. Are you getting the most earnings possible from your education? How do you know?

You can start by researching salary ranges for job opportunities your education gives you or employers that might hire you. PayScale has all of this information in one place on their degree pages. You can get plenty of helpful information to launch into a fresh career direction, that pays off.

Pick a new gig. You get to look at a list of the jobs that other people with your degree are doing.

Compare salaries. It’s possible that one or two of these other gigs pays more than your current one. You’ll be able to look at annual and hourly pay information to find out.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Explore education trends. You can see which schools most of your colleagues attended. Maybe your alma mater made the popular schools list.

Know your employers. Who hires people with your degree? PayScale gives you not only a list of employer names, but also a comparison of their pay rates. That’s handy when it comes to interviewing and negotiating a salary.

Location, location, location. Where do most of the people with your degree work? You may find out that your hometown doesn’t make the list of towns where it’s easiest for you to get hired. Explore which degrees are popular in which locations.

Men vs. women. Is your profession more popular among men or women? You might be surprised. With a nursing or construction management degree, you may know what to expect on the gender breakdown. But, what about graphic design? You may be surprised.

Curious about your degree and the doors it has opened for you? Below is a collection of some popular degrees and the jobs and pay associated with them. If you don’t see your degree here and want to do some research, check out PayScale’s degree page.

Associate Degree in Nursing

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Bachelor of Arts, Economics

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

Master of Business Administration

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