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Want a Job? Get Skills for the Jobs Most in Demand


No matter which way you slice the news about the economy, and the especially news about unemployment, there’s always one choice that makes sense. If you can, get skills for the jobs in high demand. There are quite a few out there. Even though people are tighter with their spending (tough on retail), the housing market is unstable (less real estate work) and fewer new building projects are happening (so long construction jobs), other industries have opportunities. You just need the job skills to get started.

For example, the increased pressure upon businesses to green up their operations makes an environmental engineering gig, or even a lab scientist job, likely a stable choice. Also, the greater numbers of elderly people needing medical care and assistance with living create a strong job sector. You could work in occupational therapy or be a certified nursing assistant.

Below is a list of jobs in demand according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and their median annual  or hourly salaries by years of experience in the job. We’ve placed special emphasis on high demand medical jobs since that industry should stay strong.

If you’re serious about protecting your financial well being and (let’s be honest) your self-esteem by choosing a lasting career, this list may spark an idea for you.

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Pharmacist (high demand medical job)

Correctional Officer


Registered Nurse (high demand medical job)

Court Reporter

Dental Assistant (high demand medical job)

Medical Diagnostic Sonographer (high demand medical job)


Radiation Therapist (high demand medical job)

Occupational Therapist (high demand medical job)

Software Engineer

Medical Transcriptionist (high demand medical job)


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