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5 Ways Job Costs Can Eat Up Your Paycheck


We’re all familiar with the way in which deductions like health insurance premiums, retirement plans and income tax can whittle away our paycheck, but a Fox Business column by Rose Raymond introduces five other job costs that can eat up some serious coin. If left unchecked, these costs could easily put a damper on your household’s disposable income each month.

  • Buying lunch. Someone who spends between $5 and $10 a day on takeout lunch will end up spending $100 to $200 by the time the month is over. This job cost can easily be eliminated by bringing a sack lunch. If you don’t have time to pack a lunch before work, bring the ingredients you’ll need to prepare it and keep them in your office.
  • Commuting. You may not be able to move closer to your job, but you can ask your employer for a commuter-reimbursement account. Consider telecommuting a few days a week or forming or joining a carpool to cut travel costs even further.
  • Go easy on after-work social events. Set a budget for work-related social events like happy hours, group dinners and office parties, and stick to it.
  • Find deals on work fashion. Hunt for sales on business wear, subscribe to flash-sale sites like and, and purchase well-made pieces that are constructed to last. Author Gregory Karp recommends purchasing wrinkle-free pants and shirts to eliminate dry-cleaning costs.
  • Monitor child care spending. Consider asking your employer for a day care spending account or stagger your work hours with your significant other to cut down on day care costs.

What job costs have you eliminated or reduced from your household budget?

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