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3 #Compference17 Networking Opportunities You Don’t Want to Miss

This year’s Compference — the modern compensation event for comp professionals, HR professionals and business leaders — is positively packed with educational and informational events. We’ve got keynotes from top industry thought leaders; expert-led, hands-on product workshops; instructional topical sessions; and insightful panel discussions. So much info!

Compference isn’t only about getting your learn on, though; it’s also a chance to meet and chat with your peers. In a comp-focused event for comp-focused folks, you’ll be in the company of other professionals who really “get” what your job is like.

Take it from these past Compference attendees:

“It was a fun conference and I felt like I had several takeaways. It was also small enough where I wasn’t overwhelmed by the number of attendees and it was nice to meet and discuss their current goals around compensation.” –Dani Kopecky, Compensation Analyst at Integrated DNA Technologies

“There is no other conference that focuses on compensation only. We are a special group of nerds who would huddle in a corner at any other conference and talk amongst ourselves.” –Brooke Birdsong, Director of Total Rewards at Associa

Don’t miss your chance to mingle with like minds — here are three great opportunities at Compference to network with your people.

Birds of a Feather: Session 1

11:05am – 11:45am Oct 3

In this first breakout experience of the event, you’re invited to connect with your peers by industry. This way, you’ll get to discuss not just trends and challenges in comp, but trends and challenges in comp specific to your field. As the norms and priorities vary significantly across industries, this is an opportunity to get valuable feedback and insights on concerns other friends you make at Compference may not share.

Birds of a Feather: Session 2

1:55pm – 2:30pm Oct 4

In this break, you’ll reconnect with your industry peers to talk through what you’ve heard and learned over the past day and a half of sessions. What do you expect will work really well for your industry? What might you need to tweak? How will you take action as soon as you get back on Monday?

Local Social Gatherings

If you didn’t get the memo, this year’s Compference is in Austin, Texas: home of breakfast tacos, tasty barbecue and great live music around every corner. It’s the perfect environment for spontaneous meet-ups and get-togethers, and you can be sure your fellow attendees will be up for grabbing a drink or bite (or both!) and gabbing about all things comp. Need some ideas for places to go? We’ve scouted out six places to eat and five places to wine down. Maybe we’ll see you at one?

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