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It’s exciting times for the Human Resource profession. Long gone are the days of HR being seen as a department of corporate cops. These days, HR is at the core of their businesses, reinventing the entire employee experience, and it’s enabled by some of the most forward thinking technology in business right now. It’s why thousands of people are headed to Chicago to explore the potential enabled by new HR Technologies at #HRTechConf. And, after a full day of pre-conference sessions, I can officially say I’m really excited to see what other tech vendors will bring this year; this four-day event is going to be packed with hundreds of tech providers demoing all the latest in HR Tech.

Some big topics are on the slate for HR Tech this year. One of the biggest is big data (I couldn’t resist). As a company that uses billions of data points to help companies get compensation right, PayScale is no newcomer to big data. There are so many opportunities for HR teams to harness big data insights to drive business outcomes, it will be interesting to see what others come up with. Maybe data science becomes a core HR function – who knows!

The other hot topic that is sure to be exciting is Predictive Analytics. While predictive analytics aren’t wholly new for company budgeting, forecasting products, or sales metrics, it is a relative newcomer to HR analysis. Between workforce metrics, staffing models, and compensation analysis, it should be a good kickoff to a necessary year of growth in that area. At PayScale, we frequently are asked to predict what companies will budget for merit increases next year. For a while now, that number has been 3%, but I’m going to go bold here and predict that’s about to change.

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Regardless of the topic, it’s sure to be a great show. If you happen to be here, PayScale has our own booth at #HRTechConf! Stop by Booth 951 – the first 200 attendees to visit us will get a free USB power bank! We know everyone will be blowing it up on social media during the conference, so you’ll definitely need to recharge your phone! We’re also giving away an Amazon Echo and a gift card! And, if you’re not into giveaways, swing by anyway – I’d love to talk #BigData and #PredictiveAnalytics.

For those of you who can’t make it to #HRTechConf this year, don’t worry. Tune in next week for a recap of hot topics and cool new tech. Stay tuned.

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