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25 Must-Read HR Blogs in 2013

Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs Technology is rapidly changing the face of HR. It impacts the way businesses are organized and is a big influence on how people define work. With more pressure on becoming mobile, social, automated, cloud-based and overall tech friendly, Human Resources must stay on top of the changing trends and demonstrate value. No longer is the Human Resources department where you go to just get benefits information, but it’s the department that drives the value of the company through recruitment and employee retention.

Technology is rapidly changing
the face of HR. It impacts the way businesses are organized and is a big
influence on how people define work. With more pressure on becoming mobile, social,
automated, cloud-based and overall tech friendly, Human Resources must stay on
top of the changing trends and demonstrate value. No longer is the Human Resources department
where you go to just get benefits information, but it’s the department that
drives the value of the company through recruitment and employee retention.

In 2013 it’s important that all
these changes taking place in HR are recognized and implemented in a company’s
overall strategic vision. An end of year
or beginning 2013 list of resources, blogs, and other information that HR and
Managers must read to get a leg up in managing, retaining, and hiring great
teams in 2013.

HR Examiner

HR Examiner is a magazine focused on the people, technology,
ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital.

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Our Talent

Run by the HR Consulting firm, Design On Talent, they
dispense great knowledge and content that’s necessary for HR and organizational

Talent Culture

Talent Culture is an open online community of talent-minded professionals
devoted to advancing the World of Work.

Cost of Work

Blog author, Chris Fields shares great insights on a variety
of HR, workplace, and job seeker topics.
Definitely a must read.

Recruiting Animal

The Recruiting Animal is a fast-paced hardball forum of
recruiting infotainment. Hosted every Wednesday at noon EST, the show hosts a
chat with a guest who has a professional connection to recruiting.

Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent features a wide array of blog topics from
Leadership, Recruiting, to Sourcing and Performance. An excellent source for
anything HR related.

Steve’s HR

For those interested in HR, technology, and BBQ, Steve has a great blog providing fantastic
insights into how recruiting, HR, and technology are intersecting.

The Tim Sackett Project

Tim Sackett is an 18 year HR/Recruiting Talent Professional.
His blog goes over daily perceptions and seeks a crowd to discuss what HR
should be about.

The People Equation

Led by Jennifer V. Miller, The People Equation seeks to help
people how to lead with character, influence with integrity and win with
positive office politics.

HR Virtual Cafe

The HR Virtual Cafe is a blog that discusses important topics
in the realm of Human Capitol, Social Media, and Technology.

Ask a Manager

Long standing blog dispenses advice for the world of work
from a manager’s point of view.

The Human Race

Insights from HR practitioner and union expert, Mike
Vandervort offering HR managers and operations professionals a vast variety of

Everyday People

Everyday People led by HR Professional, Steve Brown, focuses
on finding the extraordinary in everyone.

The Buzz on HR

The Buzz on HR is a Management, Leadership, and Human
Resource led by “Buzz” Rodney who has over a decade of experience in the HR

Make HR Happen

Make HR Happen, led by Tom Bolt is a blog that’s mission is
to Re-humanize Talent Acquisition and Management.

HR Observations

HR Consulting firm Omega HR Solutions dispenses human
resources advice on tough topics like exempt level employees to GINA.

HR reMix

A little bit of everything in HR. Always questioning why we
do what we do in our organizations is a focal point at HR reMix.

Evil HR Lady

Lucas is demystifying HR with her long-time blog, the Evil HR Lady.

The HR Capitali$t

The HR Capitali$t seeks to combine the intersection between
HR practice, technology and business as it relates to today’s organizations.

Ringleader Logic

Trish McFarlane authors the Ringleader Logic blog and brings
over 15 years of experience in leadership, performance management as well as a
variety of other topics.

Your HR Buddy

HR Buddy is dedicated to sparking conversation through
thought provoking questions and discussions on various challenges happening in
organization, work relationships and in HR realm of course!!

True Faith HR

Written by professor, Matt Stollak who provides academic
insights and a look into the future of HR.
He’s honest, insightful, and to the point.

1.0 FTE

a little comic relief?  This blog uses
humor to prove a point and share insights into the complex, complicated, and
often misunderstood world of managers and HR.

Ohio Employer’s
Law Blog

Jon Hyman brings over 15 years of experience to this blog
and provides proactive and results-driven solutions to employers’ workforce

Texas Strategic Human

Texas Strategic Human Resource takes a unique approach to
HR. Their tagline “Stop asking for a seat at the table. Crash the meeting
instead” speaks volume to their approach.

It’s hard to list all the HR, Workplace, and Recruiting blogs that I love.  And I know I unintentionally, left out a few.  Do you have a favorite blog you love to follow that bleeds
HR? Let us know in the comments section!


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Jessica Miller-Merrell
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Sherree Williams Walton
Sherree Williams Walton

I am a student posting on direction of my instructor; however, I am also a manager of a business and responsible for HR duties as well as other duties. I understanding your post stating HR can drive the workforce but it has been my experience HR is a facilitation position. Most of the time there is a department manager or someone else to make the final decision on hiring an individual. Thank you for the links! They are helpful.

Sherree, University of Oklahoma


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thank u very much  great article


Great list of HR sites! We at Resume Companion frequently share content from many of these sites via our social media. 

We also have our own blog, that while it is not focused on HR Management in particular, does focus on job applications and interviewing from the employee’s perspective. 

If this vantage point on HR suits your readership perhaps consider reviewing our blog too? If you choose to do so you can find it at


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It is really a nice list of HR related blogs and a  have subscribed a couple of them and those really provide all the information about HR services and related news and updates. However, the other blogs also looks good.


Interesting listing, indeed HR management software is ever more diverse and rapidly evolving. Keeping up with the news is definitely a priority for every HR department (and its decision-makers!).

Cathy Lee
Cathy Lee

I/O At Work found at is one my favorites! Up-to-date research, easily accessible, and convenient for people like me who desires just one website to access the latest HR research rather than going through multiple ones.

Amit Pandey

I like reading the list mentioned in this blog. I got many helpful points after reading this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Amit Pandey

Wow….!!! The information’s provided in this blog is really very useful and informative for me. I got many of the helpful points, which I was searching for a long time. Thanks for posting.

Acme Professional India
Acme Professional India

I read the whole post and i like the post so much. It is very useful information for me. Thanks for the post.

Pravin Madalia
Pravin Madalia

All company needs HR system for manage employee and it must be easy to use.

Dr. Pravin Parmar
Dr. Pravin Parmar

this things are needs to manage by HR, and then after HR can requite new employee. this is very nice blog.


Great list, thanks a lot for sharing it!


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HRMS System
HRMS System

great collection of HRMS system blog. thank-you for sharing informative information..!

HRMS System
HRMS System

all blog are really helpful, and good to see all in one place. nice…


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