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The 10 Best Companies for Fair Pay

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Fair Pay
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If equitable treatment of employees is an important factor in your choice of employer, you might want to be submitting your resume to one of these best companies for fair pay.

In 2018, it’s an interesting time to be looking for a job. It doesn’t matter whether you’re actively looking for new work or casually browsing opportunities. At the end of the day, you – the job seeker – have the upper hand when it comes to where you want to work.

You see, employers are becoming more aware that the talent market is tight, which means many are beginning to put a priority on things like office culture, benefits and salary. While things like culture and benefits can be tough to measure, measuring salary is relatively easy.

Take PayScale’s latest Compensation Best Practices Report, which revealed that only 21 percent of employees feel like they are paid fairly. Using this as a baseline, and by diving into salary data from over one hundred and fifteen thousand employee profiles, PayScale created a list of 100 companies and organizations whose employees feel most like they are paid fairly. A minimum of at least 40 percent (or double the 21 percent benchmark) of employees surveyed for each organization must have reported high pay fairness in order to be included on this list. For now, we will focus on the top-ten organizations who have earned high marks from their employees for pay fairness.

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Embassy Suites Hotel

High Pay Fairness: 70%

Industry: Accommodation and Food Services

HQ Location: Memphis, Tennessee


High Pay Fairness: 70%

Industry: Tech

HQ Location: Sunnyvale, California


High Pay Fairness: 69%

Industry: Tech

HQ Location: Palo Alto, California

The MITRE Corporation

High Pay Fairness: 67%

Industry: Nonprofits

HQ Location: McLean, Virginia

Patterson Dental Co

High Pay Fairness: 64%

Industry: Tech

HQ Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Roche Diagnostics Corporation

High Pay Fairness: 64%

Industry: Manufacturing

HQ Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Phillips Medical Systems

High Pay Fairness: 61%

Industry: Engineering and Science

HQ Location: Bothell, Washington

Asante Health Systems

High Pay Fairness: 60%

Industry: Health Care

HQ Location: Medford, Oregon

Fairview Health Services

High Pay Fairness: 60%

Industry: Health Care

HQ Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kellogg Co.

High Pay Fairness: 60%

Industry: Manufacturing

HQ Location: Battle Creek, Michigan

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