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How To Find the Perfect Summer Internship

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If you’re a college student looking for a summer internship, and you haven’t found one yet, now is the time to get serious in your search. And if you’re looking for the ideal fit, there are some steps you can take to find the opportunity that’s right for you.

Summer internships are often great opportunities to gain relevant experience in the professional field you intend to pursue. they can also help you to forge some new professional contacts that could come in handy down the road, or even lead to a job offer; Research has found that 63 percent of college graduates who had completed a paid internship received a job offer within six months of graduation. Graduates who had completed a paid internship were also found to earn higher starting salaries. Also, summer internships give you the chance to try out the work you’re interested in before fully committing later on in your career.

Here are some tips for finding the summer internship that’s right for you:

1. Start early

You want to think a season or two ahead when it comes to timing your summer internship quest. Although some companies hire later in the year, it’s a great idea to aim to be all set by the end of April at the latest. That means that, ideally, you’ll begin the search process early. It can be hard to make the time to look for summer work when you’re busy with your classes, so it’s a lot easier if you start early and can do just a little at a time. If you wait too long, you’ll find yourself scrambling around the end of the term when you’re feeling even more stretched.

2. Figure out what you want, and aim high

You have to know where you’d like to go before you’re able to point yourself in that direction, so do some soul searching. And when it comes to summer internships, allow yourself to aim for the stars. Make a list of the skills you want to grow and the experiences you’d like to have this summer. You might also want to list all of the companies where you’d really love to work. Allow yourself to dream big here; It’s the best way to find out what you really want. Your list can help you identify the opportunities that are right for you. You should also research the companies that came to mind for you online to see if they’re hiring this summer. You never know…

3. Visit your school’s career center

It’s so important to take advantage of the resources available to you when it comes to looking for any professional opportunity. There is no need to go it alone and figure everything out all by yourself; This is what your college’s career center is for. The folks there have experience and information to share with you. Schedule a meeting in advance, and do some prep work beforehand. The more information you can give them about what you’re looking for, the more they’ll be able to help you.

4. Look for opportunities online in a couple of different regions

There are lots of different online job boards that might help you find the right opportunity. Popular job sites like Monster or Indeed might have some internships listed. Also, consider looking at websites that are specifically designed for finding internships like or You also might want to consider looking for work in more than one region, if you’re open to it. For example, if you attend a school far from where you’re from, you can stay near campus or head home for the summer, so you might want to consider looking in both areas. Broadening your scope could help increase your options and your odds.

5. Be open and courageous   

Don’t sell yourself short in any way when working to find the right internship. If it feels a little scary, that doesn’t mean that the job isn’t the right fit. There’s nothing wrong with being a little challenged by your summer internship – it should stretch you professionally. Be brave. Similarly, try to be open to all kinds of new and different experiences. That’s the great thing about an internship; You don’t have to do it forever. Be courageous and willing to try something new. Having a positive attitude and outlook should help you during the process of finding an internship and carrying it out successfully.

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